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Bugibba Victoria Ridge Qleigha Valley Rabat Hal Bajjaba
Dingli Rdum Cliffs & back the same way
Easy to Medium Trail

Tarmac & main rd's & Country lanes.
About 15.5 miles / 25 km.
Best time to ride 'Siesta time'.
We suggest starting from the roundabout road No (16) to 'Mosta' & 'Burmarrad':
At the roundabout head To Mosta on the ( 16 ) road signed for 4km.
Follow the road & go up the Victoria Gap hill to the main roundabout.
At roundabout take the 3rd exit. (Signed Rabat)
Follow the road up a hill going past the Mtn St, Joseph house & go to a flattened roundabout.
Take the 2nd exit off & head for the church on top of the hill.
Follow the road over a small stream & around a bend to a R.H.T.
(Signed Chadwick Lakes)
Follow the bumpy lane to a bridge & Y.JCT. & T.L.
Follow the lane to a double T.JCT & STR-ON.
Follow the lane up past a Dam & over a bridge & on to a second Dam.
Follow the lane STR-ON to a bridge & T.L.
Follow the lane over bridge & up a steep hill.
Ride up to a no entry sign opposite a sign for ( Marfa / Chadwick Lake / Wiedqlejgha )
Follow the street around to a T.JCT & T.R.
(Big stone wall in front of you)
Follow the street to a duel carriageway & cross over & T.R.
Follow the carriageway to a roundabout & take the 2nd exit off.
(Signed for Dingli)
Follow the main street to a T.JCT. & T.R.
Follow the road to Dingli town.
Follow the main road through town to a roundabout & T.R.
(By the cemetery)
Follow the road to the Tower & T.R. & ride up to the cafe.
(Not open on Monday or Saturday)
Follow the route back the way you came.

Watch out for traffic

Bicyclemania Cycling Trails Trailfinders TIP
Keep your eyes on the road, pot holes all over the place waiting to fetch you off.
There are pit-stops dotted around the route.
(This trail route may have changed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control .. always carry a map)