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Pwales Beach (Bugibba) Baida Ridge Mellieha Marfa Ridge
White Tower Bay Popeye Bay Manikata & back to Pwales Bay
Medium to Hard Trail

Circular route.
Tarmac roads, Country lanes, Dirt Tracks & main roads.
About 13.9 miles / 22.5 km.
We suggest starting from the Pwales Beach seafront roundabout:
At the roundabout head along the sea front with the sea to your R.
Follow the front to your first L.T. and take it signed for Is - Simar reserve.
Follow the lane to a T.JCT & T.R.
Follow the lane to two big stone pillars & L.T. (Ignore the private sign it's O.K.)
Follow the country lane to the church & take the lower track around the back of the church.
Follow the grassy track past the church & up to a tarmac road & T.R.
Follow the road up hill & go in between the woods to the summit.
Follow the road down the hill & up the other side to a T.JCT. at the main road & T.L.
Follow the road downhill to a roundabout & GO-STR-ON (Signed Gozo & Ghadira Bay)
Follow the road downhill to the next roundabout & T.L.
Follow the road along the sea front & up the steep hill to the summit.
At the T.JCT. T.R. (Signed for Armier)
Follow the road to a (Sign for Armier Bay & Little Armier) GO-STR-ON.
Follow the road to a (Sign for Little Armier) & GO-STR-ON.
Follow the road to a T.JCT. & T.L.
Follow the road up a slight hill & down to the beach.
At the beach T.L. & ride along the beach track to some small huts & go around the back.
(Head for the gap)
Follow the coastline in front of the stone wall to the next bay & beach.
Cross the small sandy section of beach to the concrete & a cafe pit-stop.
(With the cafe door to your front) T.L. & ride around the back.
Follow the track to a T.JCT & GO-STR-ON.
Follow the track to a small sandy beach & cross it to the rocky path.
Follow the track to a tarmac road & T.L. (In front of a big hotel)
Follow the road up the hill to a T.JCT & T.R.
Follow the road to a main road junction & cross over & go up the steep hill to the Red Tower.
Follow the track past the tower & on for about 500/600 yard's to a concrete path on your L.
Follow the concrete path down to a small terrace.
Now drop down through the terrace to a main dusty dirt track & T.R.
Follow the track to a rubbish tip & T.L.
Go down the steep hill to the bottom & T.R.
Follow the track around the greenhouses to a road sign for a lorry tanker.
Follow the track for about 100 yard's & T.R. onto a rough track heading up the hillside.
(Walk in places)
Follow the track over the top to the back of the Popeye town.
Ride through the yard to the main entrance & T.R.
Follow the lane to the first L.T. & take it.
Follow the lane up the hill to the start of the very rough section & T.R.
Follow the track to a T.JCT & T.L.
Follow the track uphill to the main road & GO-STR-ON.
Follow the road downhill & past the small aqueduct to a sharp bend in the road.
Now bear off to the L.
Follow the track to bend & GO-STR-ON. (Up a rocky track)
Follow the track to a Y.JCT.& bear off to the R.
Follow the very rough rocky track to a house & a T.JCT & T.R.
Drop downhill to a T.JCT.& T.R. (Dogs)
Drop downhill to the main road junction & T.L.
Follow the road back to Pwales beach and the start.

Watch out for traffic

Bicyclemania Cycling Trails Trailfinders TIP
Keep your eyes on the road, pot holes all over the place waiting to fetch you off.
There are pit-stops dotted around the route.
(This trail route may have changed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control .. always carry a map)