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Qawra Bugibba Manikata Popeye Village.
Some steep climbs

Same route there and back.
Tarmac rd's, Country lanes & cycle-lanes.
About 12.5 miles / 20 km.
Best time to ride 'Siesta time'.
We suggest starting from the 'Qawra Tower' at the headland point, Qawra:
With the Qawra Tower on your L. follow the coast street to the football pitch by the traffic lights.
At the lights T.R. and ride to the roundabout.
At the roundabout take the 2nd exit off signed [118] for Manikata.
Follow the road up & over the hill to the next roundabout.
At the roundabout GO-STR-ON.
Follow the road to the 3rd turning on your R. by a glass bus stop.
Just before the start of a small hill bear off to the L.
Follow the country lane across the valley and up to the village.
At the Y.JCT. bear off to the L. & follow the street to a Y.JCT. on a slant.
T.R. and climb up the short steep street to the top.
Follow the country lane past the church and on down into the next valley.
(The road becomes very bumpy)
At the top of the hill by the 'Ghajn Znuber Tower' take the old tarmac lane in front of you.
Follow the tarmac track down a steep hill to the bottom and you arrive at the Popeye village.
Return the way you came.

Watch out for traffic

Bicyclemania Cycling Trails Trailfinders TIP
Keep your eyes on the road, pot holes all over the place waiting to fetch you off.
There are pit-stops dotted around the route.
(This trail route may have changed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control .. always carry a map)