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20,312 Feet <> 6.19109m In 6 days of mountain bike trail riding

The Lakeland Loop
Mountain Bike Epic Ride
The Toughest Trail In The UK! ....
(That's Official By The Trailfinders)

The trail diaries of the Lakeland Loop adventure

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6

Start time 09.30am
Kilometres covered on the day > 38.6 / 23.9 miles
Kilometres covered from the start > 197.6 / 122.8 miles
Time taken including pub pit-stops > 12.30.00
A good breakfast awaited them in the morning, all packed & ready for the days big adventure, the rucksacks weight a ton with the food pack-up's & kit. Kidder & Chiefy set off thinking about the big climbs to come & got lost 350 yard's down the trail, so doubled it back quick time to the pub for a new bearing. The trail around the lake edge of Crummock Water was hard going (Crap) then came the long, long tough lug up to Floutern Tarn the views well made up for the slog. Then came a downhill walk to ride-able ground above Ennerdale Lake. The last track section before the tarmac road was like a jungle romp (Cut & slashed by bramble briers)
The pair big ringed it through Ennerdale Forest climbing all the way to Black Sail Pass YHA. A quick stop to sort their lives out again & watched in amazement as some very old Americans heading off up Grey Knotts (697m). Black Sail has been a YHA. since 1933, it was a (Shepherd's Bothy) right, history lesson over the pair moved out for the biggest push yet (850ft) over the pass, it was physical torture with heavy kit, bikes & mtb shoes. The pair pushed on & headed over the other side to Wasdale Head & the pub. Kidder & Chiefy sat drinking tea & eating flap-jack watching the mountain rescue team kitting up to move off into the mountains to help so poor hikers. (Maybe the old Americans) Chiefy growls out the orders to saddle up, so off they pedal to Burnmoor Tarn (300ft) the last big climb of the day. Riding through the waters edge of the Tarn the pair stop to admire the splendid views. The downhill run to Boot was becoming  tricky with the light fading. At the bottom the pair headed for the pub to place their orders for two big bowls of pasta & plenty of the black stuff. Full & now sleepy Kidder & Chiefy cranked it slowly to the Eskdale YHA in the darkness occasionally blinded in the odd cars head-lights.
(Like two pissed-up rabbits)
At the YHA the orders were to wash-out the smelly kit & then sleep.
(Not much fun wearing soapy kit, which was slightly damp)

Stop mucking about & chuck me some crampons!
Chiefy being a mate
standing & watching

Thumbnailed images
Grass, bogs & sheep shit, I've seen my arse NOW!

You've got to be kidding me Kidder ..!
  This route was based on the Lakeland Loop book by Tim Woodcock.  
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