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Tarmac / dirt track ride.
Jandia Playa Monte Del Mar Barranco De Canarios  Pico Del Vento (400m)
Easy / Medium Route.
Distance about 25 km / 15.5 miles
We suggest starting from the front of the hotel 'Fuerteventura Princess':
With the hotel front doors to your back T.R.
Follow the road along and up to a roundabout. (One-way-system)
T.R. at the roundabout and follow the road up to the first R.H.T. (By a phone box)
Go up the street to a sort of JCT. and GO-STR-ON to a roundabout. (1.4km F.S.)
At roundabout take the 2nd exit off, signed 'Monta Marina Playa'.
Follow the road along to a big viaduct spanning the gorge. (About 2km F.S.)
Keep on this tarmac road to a roundabout.
GO-STR-ON signed (Porto de Rosario 29km)
Follow the road to the next roundabout. (About 10.5km F.S.)
Take the 2nd exit off & climb short steep hill & follow road by (FV-2) & cross over it.
Drop down the hill to a cafe & petrol station on bend.
T.L. off the road & ride past cafe on your R. & follow the lane to a R.T. (Heading to farm)
Follow the lane up to buildings & bear L.
Now ride through the yard to a chain across the path. (Maybe) + (Dogs chain up ...!)
Now follow the tarmac lane along and up the valley to the top.
The trail gets steeper and steeper as you get to the top, plus loose tarmac sections.
Now return the same way back.

Watch out for traffic

Bicyclemania Cycling Trails Trailfinders TIP
The old tarmac road is ridable all the way to the top, if you are fit & go steady.
There are pit-stops dotted around the route.
(This trail route may have changed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control .. always carry a map)