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  Welcome to our website, the best place on the net for FREE cycling routes, around the UK & Europe.
Plus a shed load of hints & tips about cycling, weather you are a first timer or regular cyclist.
All the results from the Bicyclemania Challenge events * CHALLENGE EVENTS ALL RESULTS *
Here you can still check-out the results.

The results are for both the 'road-ride' & 'mountain bike' ride events.
See how you & your fellow mates did, maybe you managed to beat one of them?
Thanks for taking part in the 'Challenge events' maybe more to come?
All the results from the Bicyclemania Challenge events
Here you can still check-out some snaps from all the Challenge events.

The photos are taken by are 'mtb hero' Mark aka 'Doofuss'.
Mark kindly donates the proceeds to charity, so why not 'snap up' a snap!

Maybe see you're self and fellow mates.
Bicyclemania Trailfinders Cycling Routes * FREE INTERACTIVE ROUTE MAPPING *
Check-out our FREE cycle routes (Outside website, not run by Bicyclemania)

The trailfinders have been busy plotting routes for all types of riders.
There could be a cycle route for you!
Find your cycling trail and download to a gps device with all the information.
Nearly home Kidder, you get the beers in! * OUR ADVENTURES *
Check-out our cycling adventures section.

The team riders have competed in a shed load of events over the years.
From World cups to local charity rides, we've had a bash at just about all of them.
We've listed the adventures & events we have been to, see you at the next one?
Find out what the lay of the land is like for your big ride.
It'll be hard pedalling in a soggy bog ..!
See how the terrain is after heavy rain.
Will it be well drained or a complete and utter mud bath?
Choose the best areas to ride at the right time of year.
Britain's geography is quite modest compared to the Pyrenees or the Alps.
But only in terms of elevation, the climbs in themselves are often steeper.
What ever you encounter on your bike trip its always good to tick of that big climb.
Here are ten of Britain's best climbs to test yourself against, on road and off road.

OK. go racing, team mechanic's give tips on how to get the edge!.
Do's and don'ts of the games tips help you ride a whole lot better...!
If you have a good tip, sharing it with us & get it posted on the site.
e-mail at info@bicyclemania.co.uk Subject heading: 'Bicyclemania my tip'
There are 20 million cycles in ownership in the UK & the numbers are rising.
If you've just bought number 20 million and one, you're on the right track.
Check-out some of the cycling myths.
Buy the right size framed bicycle.
Also know where to ride and stay legal with those landowners and the boys in blue!

Every specially has its own language & cycling is no exception!
Learn a few of these names and terms about cycling.
Rear triangle > seat-stays and the chain-stays, or the back end of the bike.
You'll understand a cycle-mad friend or bike shop sales person is talking about !
A few pages on 'Stuff Explained', bike parts, fork, full suspension, hardtail & discs.
Prof Fatwhippet was banging on about rotors, brake forces and fork travel & stuff.
Hopefully some of the information maybe of help to you.
Always do research if you are adding parts to a bicycle, to check on suitability.
There are many mountain bike rear suspension designs.
Guess what, they all have slightly different qualities too.
We have listed a few of the best with there good and not so good points.

Compare the designs and see which you would go for?
* FIX IT *
Oh dear, got a niggling little problem with the mountain bike.
Check-out the sections on the 'FIX IT' pages, maybe they will help out.
Fault finders and maybe remedies too.

Sections on cranks, bars, stems, front & rear mechs, & disc brakes plus more.
Tubeless tyre technology is better than regular tyres and tubes, or is it?
You must run higher pressures in tubeless tyres to get the same level of support.
What is UST?

Check-out the info in this tubeless tyre section.
So you've been out on your bike riding mostly short distances for some time.
Now you'd like to try something a little more adventurous.
Around the country there are a number of organized longer events to choose from.
From  a 30km up to 100km plus, mostly for cycling related companies & charities.
Read our tips on how to improve your riding fitness.
Some of you mountain bikers may be new to this sort of event & some not.
It is a race, ... but not a race! ... Its all about pacing oneself to go the full distance.
Enter as a solo rider, or as a team, good preparation is the key to success.
The following tips should give you a good idea of what to do to enjoy an event.

What should I pack?
What will I need for a long or short trail ride?
Some tips on riding safely.
Should I pack my suit, 2 spare tubes plus tea pot?
Escape the winter blues..!
Check-out what the other countries have on offer!
All those lovely biking trails just waiting for you and your mates!
Easy, Medium or hard, you choose beach or trails?
What's what in the mountain bike cycling world?
Every speciality has its own language, & mountain biking/cycling is no exception.
Learn a few of these names and terms about cycling.
Understand what a cycle-mad mate or shop sales person is actually talking about.
Cycling isn't always problem free, especially when you're just starting out.
Here are some aches and pains you might encounter, and ways to deal with them.
Remember to always consult a doctor if the symptom persists.
Should I keep on biking and not be a total pussy?
U Wish! * YOUR BODY *
See if you can get yourself into tiptop cycling shape.
Maybe for that long distance epic trail or just to cycle for longer and faster.
Check out the pages for some health tips.....
Turn that fat lard lump into a lean mean hungry racing machine.
Or just see your ass and hit the trails anyway.
It's only common sense that you should have some understanding of first-aid.
Know the basics, and how to spot someone who may need your helping hand.
Groups of riders stand a bigger chance of crashing into each other.
Why not learn some of the basic first-aid tips.
You never know it may one day save a friends life.
Know what you want, if you're a downhill rider don't buy a hardtail.
The golden rule is always shop around, and don't pay the ticket price. (Haggle)
Last years models can be cheaper, buy when new models come out in the shops.
Good deals may mean the bicycle is down - spec's or shop builds.

Do your homework and check-out the market values.
Try and find out about history of the item you are buying / bidding for.
Be wary of ownership, is it a too good to be true amazing deal / sale of the century.
Link up with us and spread the word about your website.
It's all FREE, just sign up and wait for agreement and then get listed.
Bear in mind a website should be cycling related. (Were open to the weird)
Please add a web-link to our site too. (Or we'll come & ride over your front lawn)
Websites can be deleted at any time without owners permission. (But we doubt it)



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